Style By Agenda

wednesday business trip

You’ve got a good 6 hours up in the air ahead of you. Dress down but not out in a pair of comfortable trousers, ballet flats and a cashmere sweater with bright earrings and a short necklace. Add a leather bracelet for effortless style that doesn’t clink against arm rests. If your hands get thirsty during flights, hydrate with gusto but leave your rings at home to avoid the whole putting on and taking off hassle of creaming up.

the dress code
Relaxed and comfortably chic.

the jewellery
Basics and a statement piece that can withstand high altitudes and security pat downs.

look one


Gold-plated ring with iolite
HKD 900.00

look two


Gold-plated ring with labrodorites
HKD 950.00


Gold-plated chocker chain
HKD 900.00