Style By Agenda

back to back thursday

Overflowing inbox, board meetings and the looming threat of work drinks. It’s Thursday and it’s going to be hectic. Dress for an action packed day in a business chic outfit and low heels to whisk you from task to task. Stay cool and collected with a short necklace, hooped earrings and a leather bracelet. You’ve got today covered.

the dress code
Simple outfits that you can pull together in minutes like sheath dresses or tailored trousers with button down shirts. Wear flats but always have heels in your drawer for impromptu drinks.

the jewellery
Simple, light and practical pieces that punctuate your look to make you unstoppable.

look one


Stackable gold-plated ring AMETHYST
HKD 800.00

STAPLE yellow gold

HKD 3,000.00

look two


Extra light flexible hoops. 18k gold and Akoya pearl
HKD 3,500.00