Style By Agenda

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Just because we’re at the office all the time, doesn’t mean we can’t shake things up. Balance the loud with the basics, and the timeless with color, shapes and striking shoes. Like Bold or CAPS, use statement jewellery to turn a classic look for now into a fun style statement for later. Or bring a canary yellow pullover out from its cage and into the conference room with contrasting black jewellery. Whatever your look, go wild, let loose and sing out your style. It’s your corporate catwalk, so walk it.

the dress code
Clothes you love.

the jewellery
Fun and playful pieces that make your outfits pop and are prone to daydreaming.

look one


NINE-TO-FIVE – black (sample). US size #4

Stacking ring. Gold vermeil & black spinel
HKD 400.00

look two

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