dressing on Zoom doesn't need to be boring.

Whether you're back to work or still WFH, the video conferencing is HOT right now. Read on to see five ideas to make your waist-up outfits more interesting without trying too hard.


1. White monochrome to look fresh & chic on Monday

Start with a comfortable white top, then add jewellery in similar shades. It's that easy.


2. Go for Gold on Tuesday

Tuesdays tend to be meeting-heavy, so the shirt with a collar will feel just right. Pair it with statement gold earrings for an extra dose of confidence - and you're all ready to go.


3. Add a brooch for an extra impact of Wednesday

Simple but effective: a brooch added to the lapel of your vest or to the collar of your shirt will instantly transform your look into bold and sophisticated.


4. A splash of colour for a much-needed pick-me-up on Thursday.

Why not a pair bright earrings to create a contrast on your webcam and give a little boost to your mood? The week is ALMOST over!


5. Lightweight layering for an 'it's-almost-weekend' mood on Friday.

Try throwing 2-3 mismatched necklaces over a V-neck tee. Add a pair of studs or mini-hoops so you're polished enough for that important last Zoom call but comfy enough that you won't want to change when it's over.

Pairs well with boyfriend jeans and a glass of Chardonnay at 5 pm.


Final trick:

To look your best, always put your computer, phone or tablet at eye level, not above or below your eyes. And don't forget that killer attitude!